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Working Mums: Hiring a domestic cleaner is good for you!

I was raised in a home where we had always someone to come and clean at least once a week. With two girls at home, and a third one years later, my mum really needed the help. Working mothers do need an extra set of hands and it is OK to hire some help!

A domestic cleaner will lower your stress.

busy mum juggling

As a working mum you certainly have your days filled with appointments, clients, errands, bills to pay, and on top of that you must keep your family clothed, bathed and fed, so remembering to vacuum under the sofa or scrub the bathroom grout has a tendency to get pushed to the bottom of the list. And it stresses you out.

A domestic cleaner can take the “need to clean the house” off your plate so you can actually focus on the health of your family. Keeping your family well will lower your stress. A less stressed mum leads to a happier and healthier family as a whole.

You will be able to go get a real workout.

Surprisingly, cleaning does not count as exercise. You may burn a few calories hoovering your carpets, but that can’t compare to the calories you would burn jogging, and the little energy spent wiping down the front door with glass cleaner doesn’t compare to the calories you could burn running on a treadmill at the gym or taking a boxing class. Why not use the time you would have spent cleaning to hit the gym and get a real workout?

You will become more productive.

Home should be a place where you retreat and recharge your energies to face the challenges of life – and win. A clean and organized home will reflect on your personality. You will become much more productive in everything you do.

No one can do it all.

There’s this stigma: Women should be able to do it all — raise the kids, go to work, clean the house — but they can’t. Women feel guilty because they feel like they’re not doing everything they should. But single men that hire a cleaner don’t feel an ounce of guilt over it! Once people get past the guilt, they absolutely love having a domestic cleaner.

Wellness and health comes first when we find balance in our lives. Set realistic expectations of yourself – it’s the only way to keep your sanity in a fast paced lifestyle.

How to afford housecleaning.

All in all, hiring a cleaner is just a matter of where your priorities are and what you can afford, right?

If you carry the burden of cleaning in addition to everything else you do, consider hiring an extra set of hands if it fits within your budget. Just one day per week or a deep clean every two weeks can be really affordable and make all the difference!

You might need to make a few sacrifices to make it work – eat at home more, buy one pair of shoes instead of two, but I guarantee you will find hiring a domestic cleaner to be one of your best ideas yet.

It only makes sense that a clean home would be healthier and happier. All that stress of not getting everything done would go out the window and you’ll have more time to focus on what really matters to you.

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