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Why employing a £7 per hour cleaner is a false economy.

One of the things we hear most often when working in the domestic cleaning market is that our rates are high.  It’s a fact that our rates are competitive amongst other professional cleaning companies, so how can this be?

In the current economy, house cleaning seems to be the new self employed business of choice for many. Any individual can advertise their services on classifieds sites and easily undermine professional cleaning companies. On the other hand, many people are trying to cut outgoings and save money wherever they can, so it would appear that the two compliment each other perfectly. Or do they?

Lets consider what you are really getting when you hire your £7.00 per hour cleaner.

The first and most fundamental issue is trust. You are bringing a complete stranger into your home. You are often trusting them with keys and alarm codes or, at the very least, access to the inner most parts of your home. Do you know the person you are inviting into your home? Have you checked out their references? If you have kids at home can you trust them to be alone with them for even a few minutes?

Then there is the supply of materials – will they bring their own cleaning materials? At these sorts of rates it is highly unlikely, so that is another hidden cost that you have to keep in mind. Even if they do bring their own products will they have undergone the necessary procedures to look at the risks associated with the products being used? If they use your products and get injured, who is responsible? You? Them? Is saving a few pounds a week worth the risk?

Does the person doing your cleaning have any suitable insurance so that any breakages or damage caused by them is not going to have to be paid for out of your pocket? Imagine they break or damage the screen on your TV. That is going to be £500 plus for a replacement. Or maybe they ruin your sofa. £800? Maybe more.

Do they offer you any guarantee? When you take your car to be repaired by your trusted mechanic, he will guarantee his work – the same should apply to your cleaning service. A cheap cleaner will not even offer you a guarantee. Reputable cleaning companies guarantee their service meets a certain standard or they will return and clean the area again for free.

What happens when your cleaner goes on holiday or takes ill? Your house still needs to be cleaned but there is no one to clean it – you end up back to doing it yourself which totally defeats the object of employing a cleaner.

smart-pig-bankMost people have heard of the saying, “you get what you pay for“. That is certainly true, and it applies just as much to cleaning services as it does to everything else in life. Quite often you will find that the £7 per hour cleaner don’t have the same high standards as those that you would pay more for. You may find that the level of knowledge about cleaning is nowhere near the same as that offered by one of the top performing cleaning companies in your area.

Finally, as the title suggests, they are charging you per hour but, do you know how long it takes to clean your home properly? Maybe you tell them you want just two hours and then hope they get everything done in the time. Than you come home expecting everything to be done but they didn’t have enough time so things are not even close to what you would like them to be and still, you have to pay for it.

Like most things in life, if something seems too good to be true then it probably is…

If you opted to save money by hiring a cheap cleaner, you might find you have to do many cleaning tasks yourself, instead of focusing in what rally matters to your life – your career, time to spend with your partner, your family, your hobbies, you name it. So you can see, spending that little bit extra on a superb cleaning company definitely pays you back in the end.

What a professional cleaning company can offer.

First off, we are a professional cleaning company – this is our business and something we are passionate about.

We have great references from many satisfied customers that can vouch for our excellent service and reliability, so you know we are a team you can trust and depend on.

We have extensive public liability insurance, we supply all our own cleaning products and materials and ensure that we meet our obligations under Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations.

We price all of our work per job and not per hour so you have a fixed cost – you tell us what your cleaning needs are, we agree a price and then we do it with no hidden costs or extras.

We guarantee your satisfaction. Every single service we provide is covered by a 24 hour guarantee, which means if you are not 100% satisfied, all you have to do is let us know within 24 hours and we will clean the area for you again or as many times as necessary at no extra charge.

We are always working to improve the quality of life of our customers and above all, give them total peace of mind when it comes to cleaning their homes. Give us a try and see the difference for yourself.

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