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Kitchen cleaning ideas for better results

In this post you are going to find some tips and ideas to help you achieve better results when cleaning your kitchen with no need for strong chemicals.

Cleaning the sink:

The most important thing is to use only non-abrasive dissolvent and cleaning compounds! There are numerous universal detergents and solutions in the stores and to find the perfect one is usually a nightmare. However, one can make a homemade cleaning solution with just the ingredients and compounds that are already in the kitchen.
It comes to a bowl with water, white vinegar, baking soda, soap or a dishwashing detergent. A soft sponge is the next important thing that you will need for better results, while before beginning to clean – inspect every corner or edge for dirt and blemishes. Locate the heaviest soiled spots and begin from them. A stiff brush is the next important tool, which will help you to remove the heaviest stains and it`s perfect for cleaning only certain areas or small spots. Apply the homemade solution with the sponge and let it soak up for a minute or so. Then, thoroughly scrub with the sponge the heavily stained areas and if they are still persistent – use the stiff brush instead of the sponge. More attention on the handles and the edges on the bottom of the sink, especially if it`s made out of tiles, marble, granite or it`s a concrete molded sink. The stainless sinks are usually easier to clean, thanks to the smaller number of edges and corners or the absolute lack of them.
After a treatment with the detergent – you definitely want to rinse the sink so there are no blemishes and dirt, as well as no chemical compounds and detergents left on the surfaces. Ensure the final glossy finish by polishing the chrome parts with a special polishing paste, which also acts as a protective coat for further stains.

Cleaning the countertop:

It`s basically the same procedure as the sink cleaning and usually the countertop is adjacent or it`s a part of the sink. So, make sure to have a couple of clean cloths and you can use the excess of the homemade solution left from the cleaning of the sink. Begin with scrubbing the heaviest stains, then go through the entire surface of the countertop.
Spread the detergent thoroughly so to soak up for a dozen minutes and to dissolve every stack of food crumbs, stains and dirt. Wipe off the dissolved dirt via clean towel and then finish with a microfiber towel that`s especially recommended for cleaning countertops and perfectly flat surfaces in the kitchen. You can even spray a cleaning detergent for windows to polish and ensure a flawless glossy outlook of the countertop.

Cleaning the oven:

Make another simple detergent solution of baking soda and white vinegar, and stir well with water in a separate bowl. Prepare another bigger bowl only with hot water and soap or shampoo, or another degreaser, and let`s begin with the cleaning of the oven.
First, wipe off dust from the top, sides and the back of the oven to get easily rid of the lighter dirt on the outer side of the oven. Then, dismantle the racks so to have more space to clean the inner sides, while letting the racks to soak up in the solution with degreasing agent in the meantime. The longer they stay – the better the results and easier to clean. Continue with cleaning all the sides from the interior of the oven with a cloth or sponge. Apply the homemade solution and use the stiff brush for spot cleaning of the most persistent stains. Remember not to use a metal or a very stiff brush so not to damage the metal finish of the surfaces.

If you lead a busy life and keeping on top of the cleaning is too much for you, why not let the experts take control and get your home in good, clean, healthy order.

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