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Green Home Cleaning Tips and Hints


Having a nice, clean home that looks presentable and takes less time to clean than usual can be a real challenge, a job that never ends no matter how hard you work. It takes perseverance and lots of preparations, but your home can be kept spotless if you know what you’re doing. Regular cleaning and tidying up around your home will keep things far easier to deal with in the long run, with smaller details such as window cleaning, washing your curtains and so forth. There are many ways you can go green with your cleaning efforts, such as the following:

Cleaning glass and mirrors

You can get rid of your ammonia-based window cleaners and use something else instead. All you really need is a few tablespoons of lemon juice mixed in with about a liter of water. The following mix can be used to cut most spots on the glass and deal with them. You can do the same by using witch hazel and rubbing alcohol as well, but you will need a reusable washing leather or a good squeegee of you want to avoid using newspapers or something similar. Lint rags will also get the job done if you need to.

Furniture polish

One of the most difficult things you need to keep green is furniture polish. Since other substances are fairly hard to deal with when it comes to toxicity, you will need to make sure you pay extra special attention to metal polishes, spot removers and toilet cleaners among other things. Most of them happen to be pretty harsh in terms of substances used in their making, not to mention they have a strong smell. You would do well to do your best to avoid such cleaners whenever possible. You can create a solution from something you would ordinarily consider a salad dressing: olive oil. Using two parts olive oil with a part of lemon juice will result in a great mix that works wonders when polishing surfaces with a simple, soft cloth. It works best when it comes to wood, especially if used sparingly. You can also do the same with olive oil, lemon juice and salt to create a paste that may buff surfaces to a shine, which would only work with really fine salt crystals.

Floor cleaning

You can create a solution of water and vinegar that will get most of the floor cleaning done, as well as helping with kitchen cleaning. Mixing a cup of vinegar in about two liters of water will allow you to mop your surfaces, whether they are made of ceramic tiles, wood or linoleum.

Using baking soda

You can it for quite a few purposes, such as removing unpleasant smells from your carpets during carpet cleaning sessions, scrubbing and removing mold during kitchen cleaning and bathroom cleaning and more. You can also mix it together with vinegar to create a fizzy and safe chemical reaction great for unclogging drains and more.


Looking for a proffesional green cleaning service in Leeds? Get in touch and we will get back to you to arange a free no-obligation quote.

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