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The dirtiest things you touch everyday

Of course, no one wants you to become a germophobe but becoming more conscious of the need for regular cleaning and disinfection and washing your hands when coming into contact with these things is probably a smart move to make.

The dirtiest, most germ-infected things you touch every day:

At Home

Dish Cloths

60% of dishcloths harbour life-threatening bacteria.

Chopping Boards

There is 200% more faecal bacteria on a chopping board than a toilet seat.

Kitchen Sink

There is 100,000 more germs in some sinks than in the bathroom.


The average toothbrush is home to over 100 million different bacteria.


25% of bath towels are infected with E. Coli

At Work

Light Switches

Light switches in public places are touched by thousands of people and include about 217 different bacteria per square inch.

Office Desk

The average office desk harbours 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.


The average office phone is infested with over 25,000 microbes per square inch.


4 of 33 keyboards tested were considered a health hazard.

In Public

Gym equipment.

A study has found that some gym equipment harbours more germs than a toilet seat, and over 70% of the bacteria found was harmful and known to cause a combination of skin infections and illnesses.

Mobile Phones

Approximately 25,000 different germs live on mobile phones.


Paper money can transfer live flu viruses for up to 17 days.

Shopping Bags

84 bags were tested in a study and 83 of them were carrying harmful bacteria.

ATM Machines

A test showed that ATM’s contained bacteria known to cause sicknes and diarrhoea.


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