I highly recommend Carolina and Vinny as a stellar housecleaning team. They cleaned our house for several years and did an outstanding job. They are very professional, polite, prompt, and paid attention to detail. They were reliable and good at communicating any questions or concerns.
Carolina and Vinny left the house not only looking and smelling clean but it felt well-cleaned and cared for. I wish them the very best and recommend them to anyone who is looking for excellent house cleaners.

Alyssa review 5 of 5 stars

Hi. Just got home and wanted to say a HUGE thank you for everything today. The relief we feel is incredible and I can now enjoy my weekend at home with no stress about housework. Really appreciate it. Can’t wait for you guys to be back in two weeks (…) Thanks again.

Daniellereview 5 of 5 stars

Carolina and Vinny are honest, responsible, charming, and hard-working. They are superb communicators and delightful people. I highly recommend them!

Margo review 5 of 5 stars

Thank you! The clean you both did last time was brilliant and we are very much looking forward to having a clean house again on Friday!

Sophiereview 5 of 5 stars

Hi Carolina! Just want to say THANKYOU for all your and Vinny’s hard work today – the house is so amazingly clean! We are in shock! We really appreciate it and will look forward to seeing you next week. Take care, Aileen.

Aileenreview 5 of 5 stars

You have been brilliant I can’t get over how thorough you have been. I’m amazed at how lovely the house looks. See you in two weeks.

Isobelreview 5 of 5 stars

Brilliant, Great Reputation, Satisfaction Guaranteed, Highly Recommend Them, Professionals, High Standards, Outstanding Job, The Best Cleaning Service, Thorough and Efficient, Free Estimate, Courteous, Polite, Would Recommend to my Friends, Superb